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Why should I invest in property?

I assume you have heard the saying “safe as houses” Well, investing in bricks and mortar is as safe as an investment you can have.

As the property market is rarely prone to wild fluctuations (as perhaps the share market is) you can safely build wealth with minimal risk.

It is worth noting that some of society’s most successful investors are property investors. Why not join them?

Where do I buy?

It is always about location, location and location.

Try to always buy the worst house in the best street rather than vice versa.

A property near schools, shops, transport and parkland will always appreciate more than one which is not. Whether you are looking to buy for investment or your own home, always focus on the best possible location you can afford.

What do I buy?

It all depends on your budget. Not everyone can afford a mansion, therefore set a reasonable limit and try to stick to it. There are many opportunities out there for you.

What is the process in making an offer to buy a property?

Once you have inspected a property which meets your buying criteria, then carefully consider submitting a fair and reasonable offer to buy the property.

It is common practice that the offer be in writing on a standard contract of sale and a holding deposit be provided at the time the offer is signed. You will also need to consider what settlement period you propose when making the offer.

I am successful in buying the property. What happens next?

-         You will be provided with a signed copy of the contract of sale signed by all parties to the sale.

-         You will be required to pay the full deposit required (typically 10% of the purchase price) if not already paid.

 -         Signed copies of the contract of sale will be forwarded to the legal representatives acting for both vendor and purchaser.

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